Marayoor Sarkkara (Marayoor Jaggery) is one of the sweetest jaggereis in the world, Marayoor and the nearby Kanthalloor are famous for the special variety of solid molasses 'Marayoor sarkara’ produced here. When this jaggery undergoes a laboratory analysis it was found that the jaggery is one of the best having 97 % sugar in it. Marayoor falls in the rain shadow region and the quality of the molasses is attributed to the specialty in temperature and the ph value of the earth. In Marayoour and Kanthalloor you can see the beautiful sugar cane farms. 
sarkkara production cottage
making of sarkkara

         Another specialityof this Sarkara is that it is made in the farm itself in a traditional manner. means sarkkara production is a cottage industry here. First the sugar cane juice is boiled in a special type of huge vessel and then condenses to jaggery balls.You can make various types of delicious dishes using this jaggery. One of the best dishes using this ‘Sarkara’ is ‘Marayoor Sarkara Payasam’ some of the famous temples are using this jaggery
       Don’t forget to taste it travellers, if you have planned a visit to Marayoor. And also, if you are lucky enough to reach Marayoor in the sugarcane harvest season, you can watch how the sarkara balls are made. If you want to take home some sweet balls, Tourists can purchase this product at a premium price around RS. 70 / KG from the farm or local outlets there.     
  In earlier days sugarcane was cultivated in 2500 acres of land. But at present this has shrunk to 1400 acre. Many of the farmers have left sugarcane cultivation due to increasing production coast and fall of prize. For an acre of land to be cultivated, Rs.30,000 should be spent. But the total yearning from the land will be less than Rs.25,000. There are three reasons for the decrease of production. The scarcity of water, unscientific use of fertilizers and the white-fly disease. The whitefly affects the leaves of sugar cane and sucks out the juice. Thus the production decreases.
sugarcane farm