Athirapilly is the land of rivers and forests!The destination houses the largest waterfall in Kerala, the Athirapilly waterfall,one of the major tourist attraction. This patch in Sholayar ranges so beautifully intertwined with lush green forest cover and sizzling silver cascades and located central to Cochin and River Nila,is a treat for the eyes during the monsoon.Chalakkudy river, Charpa, Vazhachal and Athirapally are ideal places where the monsoon is to be enjoyed.

          Athirappilly Waterfalls is located at the entrance of Sholayar ranges, the major host town is Chalakudy, this waterfall is one of the major picnic spots of Kerala. Affording to the onlookers, one of the most bewitching sights, Athirappally water Falls is 80 feet high and located exactly in the forest area. Combined with the natural greenery, it infuses freshness into any tired soul. The Athirapally Falls joins the Chalakudy River after plummeting a drop of 80 feet.
              The charm of the Athirampally and Vazhachal nature cannot be described by words, Starting calmly from the high ranges, and crashing through gorges overhung with trees, these waterfall is one of the best places in India to re-capture a real sense of the classical idea of the 'Picturesque' - not just calm and sweet, but something wild and natural.

             Athirapilly Tourism consists of Kauthukapak & Hollyland immitaions in Chalakudy, Dreamworld water park, Silverstorm water park, Thumboormuzhy Dam & Riverview Garden, Athirapally water falls, Charpa falls, Vazhachal falls, Poringalkuth Hydel Tourism and Wild life Boating, Trekking in Sholayar ranes, Bamboo Rafting, Tribel visit, Chalakudy Nightlife etc.
Proper precautions are taken on site to prevent mishaps while swimming and a police camp is always positioned there. Athirappilly is situated on SH-21 highway connecting Tamil Nadu and Kerala.


By rail:
Thrissur (Major station) about 63 km & Chalakkudy, about 35 km.
By air:
Cochin International Airport, about 58 km from Thrissur, is the nearest airport.