Ramoji Film City - The land of movies, entertainment and magic, it has everything that dreams are made of. Offering unlimited fun, thrill and excitement, its a great visual extravaganza.
  Experience and get enthralled by its exquisite and lavish gardens, spell binding movie sets, spectacular attractions, enchanting entertainment shows, food, shopping, unmatched hospitality,and of course the glitz and glamour of the silver screen - The ultimate holiday destination for the entire family

Silver Screen Magic

                   in ramoji filim city See the magic of Silver Screen unfold in front of you in all its glory. Experience the glitz and glamour of the world of cinema. We have over hundreds of spell binding movie sets that will traverse you to a different world. Certainly the most amazing architectural wonders.
A blend of landscapes and cityscapes ranging from the pastoral to the metropolitan, wild shrubbery to beautiful manicured lawns, rivulets, singing fountains, palaces, shopping plazas, an airport terminal, railway station, police outpost, churches, mosques, temples, chateaus, rural complexes, urban dwellings, gateways and much more, you will see everything coming to life at Ramoji Film City  - The land of movies, magic, and entertainment.
Deli Express: Train Restaurant 

         Dadajinn always enjoyed a train ride. This inspired him to build a train for kids. Now, after having chugged through fabulous adventures in the most exotic lands, the train serves as a restaurant offering delicious fare with choicest goodies.
Enthraller: Dome Amphitheater 
             Another exciting zone at Fundustan to enthrall you all. The Amphitheatre is well designed for performing plays, dances, shows and other variety of interesting programs that capture the fantasies of kids and families alike
Rides to Thrill
           Get ready to feel the rush of Adventure! Experience our exhilarating thrill rides that will swing you into excitement of the highest order.
Unleash your wild side with some real adventure and excitement.

Ballerina Fount: Dancing Fountain
        An incredible spectacle! See the fountain swings and dance to the tunes of mesmerizing music. Its like fireworks on water that is sure to enthrall everyone

Corolla: Valley of Flowers 
Breathtaking beautiful spreads of vibrant and colorful flowers which are sheer joy to watch.
Get ready for some spin-chilling experience as you explore the dark age at Borasura, the one pf the first ever themed walkthroughs in AsiaFundustan
The magnificent realm of merriment, magic and marvel! Dadajinn, the amiable guardian angel of Fundustan, embodies the lively childlike spirit that lives in all of us. Kids around the world adore Dadajinn because he shares their passion for fun and excitement. Fundustan has been created from the blueprint of a child's fantasy. It has many places of fun an play.
Kids will find boundless opportunities for fun as they tumble, slide, crawl and climb through a maze of fun.
Timberland: Play Zone

Dadajinn collected all the woods that he could lay his hands on, and using his extraordinary carpentry skills and imagination created a wonderful play zone with unlimited entertainment called Timberland for his young friends. 

Exhilarating Entertainment Shows

Non-stop entertainment at every run! To keep the fun going we have for you some of the most exciting entertainment shows
Eureka - The land of endless fun that takes you to the glorious past! One moment you are walking down a Mauryan lane, in a blink of an eye you'll be transported to the rugged town of American Wild West, or in the royal ambience of the Mughal era. This is where the drama unfolds with pulsating entertainment and cultural shows. There are also a line of enchanting entertainment shows performed at our very own Fundustan

Shangri-La, Ramoji Film City’s exclusive nursery, is home to infinite varieties of exotic flowers, plants and shrubs. A stroll around this veritable paradise, replete with colour and aroma, instantly soothes your senses and soul.
If you are a Nature lover, Shangri-La is just the right place for you to be. From seeds of rare plants for your gardens to beautiful flora that adorns your living rooms, you can take home a piece from this paradise as a souvenir.
Our experts at Shangri-La can also create customized floral designs to enrich your unique event or occasion.

Unforgettable and engaging experience!
we are specialists in executing high-profile events. RFC's unsurpassed excellence in offering unforgettable personalized experience with distinctive creativity, makes us special.
We offer full range of services including the creative development, design, production, and staging of any type and size of event. Be it celebrity concerts & events, beauty pageants, corporate meetings, product launches or any kind of event, RFC will paint the perfect canvas for you!
Spectacular locations, unique signature entertainment programs, culinary delights with endless options, world-class accommodation facilities, World's largest film studio complex with ultra-modern recording equipment - everything is arranged for you by our integrated team of experts, dedicated to ensure that your event is an overwhelming success.
Our strength is our ability to consistently meet client objectives and expectations with the optimal solution, effectively assemble and manage numerous in-house and out-of-house resources, and meticulously execute a number of complex large-scale projects. This involves precision integration and expert management of creative, production, and technical talents of our expert te
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