Tejaswini River Rafting
    Experience the magic of monsoon in Kerala, through white-water rafting, in the wild and beautiful, Tejaswini River. .
We have two rafting stretches for you, Upper Tejaswini and Lower Tejaswini, each of them contrasting in nature.
for more informations: 

Upper Tejaswini is 9 km long, flows between Kannur district and forests of Coorg distirict, Karnataka. It is a narrow river with full of rapids, ranging up to class : 2+

Lower Tejaswini is wider and 13 km long. There are 3 major rapids ranging up to class : 3+ and plenty of smaller rapids.

I Rafting and Hiking Package (2D1N):
Tentative Itinerary(will be customized):
    DAY 1:
  • Arrive Cherupuzha by noon
  • Short drive towards rafting start point
  • Registration and safety briefing
  • Start rafting within 3 pm (Lower Tejaswini)
  • Reach Kakkadvu (end point) by 5 pm
  • Coffee and snacks
  • Drive towards farm house, by mountain side
  • Bath under water fall inside farm premises
  • Dinner and camp fire
  • End of day one
    DAY 2:
  • Breakfast at 8.am
  • Leave the farm house for hiking highest point of the mountain
  • Back to farm house by 12 am
  • Lunch
  • Pack up and leave the farm for rafting
  • Rafting at Upper Tejaswini starts at 1.30 pm
  • Conclude the Rafting by 3.30 pm
  • Coffee and snacks
  • End of tour

1. Minimum no of people required for this package is 6 if there are no pre-scheduled trips on that particular day.
2. We can arrange pick-up from the Cheruvattur/Payyanur Railway Stations(extra cost)
3. Itinerary can be tailor made based on your requirements 4. Food included in the package is basic veg and fish meals (snacks and non-veg can be provided at extra cost)

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     Pondicherry recently renamed as Puducherry, is a town tucked away on the Eastern seaboard of India. Among its diverse attractions are a coastline of 32 kms, palm-fringed beaches, backwaters, fishing villages, beach resorts, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the international city of Auroville, the French boulevard town with its French heritage, and so on. Some great food, some fine wine, and a great adventure await you here.
     Sri Aurobindo Ashram, the brainchild of the Bengali revolutionary and philosopher Aurobindo Ghosh and his ardent disciple Mirra Alfassa, popularly known as "The Mother", who took over from Aurobindo after his death in 1950. Founded in 1926, the Ashram is based on his philosophy of a harmonious community and draws a constant stream of visitors travel across the globe to India. You could visit the Ashram Centre at Rue de la Marine, which has the samadhi (tomb) of the philosopher and his living quarters amidst a pretty little garden of orchids and a variety of other flowers. The International Centre which occasionally screens a film, and the Library are just across the road. You can also visit the Ashram’s Hand Made Paper Factory outlet to pick up some excellent paper and diaries.
Not all seems fine between the Ashram and the locals. Perhaps the malaise stems from the fact that the affluent Ashram is mainly run by people from outside Pondicherry with a majority of Bengalis and Oriyas, and the Ashram, as an institution, seems to do little in terms of charity. Also, the nicest places in Pondicherry belong to the Ashram, and outsiders including the locals are strictly off-limits.     
Sri Aurobindo Ashram 
Information Center 3,   
Rangapillai Street,  
Pondicherry 605001  
Phone: +91-413-2233604  
Website: www.sriaurobindoashram.org 
Visiting Hours: 08:00 hrs to 12:00 hrs & 14:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs.


       Plage Paradiso (Paradise Beach) is located at Chunnambar which is 8 kilometers away from the main town, along the Cuddalore main road. This part of tropical paradise is a dream destination for every beach lover. You can spend some time here alone in peace, swim in the cool sea water and bask in the sun. Some times you can just find a sea gull as your sole companion. If you are adventurous and sportive in spirit then try this out - put up a comfortable beach tent for yourself and stay here for a night. Staying overnight in the cozy tree-houses on the backwater banks is in itself a great and relishing experience. You can also try out another lovely experience at the Paradise Beach in Pondicherry, India- a short and enjoyable cruise into the sea from where could see the unforgettable and beautiful sight of dolphins in the natural habitat swimming and playing around.
Plage Paradiso (Paradise Beach) in Pondicherry is just like what its name suggests a paradise beach in this part of the world. If you are a sun or a beach lover then Plage Paradiso (Paradise Beach) in Pondicherry is one place on this earth that you must come to. A trip to Pondicherry cannot be complete till you pay a visit to these magnificent and stunning beaches. Its cool waves and calm ambience looks forward to welcome and soothe your soul.


        Auroville is a small town 6 km north of Pondicherry. This town was a vision of The Mother from Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry as it's an international town. Auroville is an international city which was built and started in 1968 by the Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram with the idea to create international city. The residents live in around 15 different communities within Auroville and speak 55 different languages. It is an exciting project for understanding the environmental needs for spiritual growth.
Matrimandir, the meditation hall, is one of the more important places to visit here. You need to get a pass issued to visit the Matrimandir. There are a number of other things to see in Auroville. A good place to get started is the Information Center.
There is an organized tour of Auroville that begins and ends in Pondicherry. This might be a good way to get around Auroville for first timers.
Visiting hours: 10:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs
        Serenity Beach Pondicherry is a 1.5km long, rocky shoreline. Some of the bloodiest Anglo-French battles were fought on these sands. Today, however, this beach is ideal for a calm (or romantic) stroll. Or one can just sit on the parapet by the sea (or on one of the rocks) and gaze out at the rolling waves for hours and hours, or watch fishermen at work, or just enjoy the sea-spray.
Goubert Avenue, which runs along the beach, is sprinkled with a number of monuments and memorials. The most imposing among them would be the huge, impressive statue of Mahatma Gandhi, which stands on the seafront, surrounded by eight beautifully carved pillars. I remember reading somewhere that this statue is 'life-size'. Believe me, it most certainly is not. It's big, the way MG never was.
The Pondicherry beach surely is a lovely place to visit in the evenings too. Goubert Avenue is quite well-lit, and the whole place is a lot more serene than it usually is in the day. On weekends evenings, Goubert Avenue is closed to vehicular traffic. The police hold some kind of a parade. They all march along the beach road, playing 'police band music'. They then assemble at the Square near the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, and the band plays for an hour.
         Botanical Gardens Pondicherry is well known for its various tourist hotspots, which attracts tourists all the year round to this destination. Apart from Auroville, Sri Aurobindo Ashram,various museums and beaches what is an important Tourist Places in Pondicherry is the Botanical Garden . The Botanical Garden in Pondicherry was opened to the public in 1826 , it is located at the southern entrance of city bus stand. The Botanical Gardens situated in the center of the city provides a cool retreat from the oppressing heat and humidity of Tourist Places in Pondicherry . Tourist Places in Pondicherry sprawls over a 22 acres area and here you can just relax and listen to the twittering of birds and explore the rich variety of flora here. The Botanical Gardens is 178 years old and here you will find each and every tree or plant labeled with scientific, common and Tamil names. This has been possible due to the efforts of Department of Tourism .
Aquarium displays many sea living organisms including variety of fish flora. It also exhibits various methods of fishing adopted in coastal areas.
Visiting hours: 09:00 hrs to 12:45 hrs & 14:00 hrs to 17:45 hrs

         The park facing the governor’s bungalow reflects the French influence. Once called as “place du pantheon” now turned as Aayi mandapam - the emblem of the Pondicherry Government. The park surrounded by Aayi mandapam has been restructured by preserving its heritage. 
Visiting hours: 08:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs  

       Facilities for boating are available at the Boat House on the River Chunnambar, 8kms from Pondicherry. The backwater and the lush greenery on both sides of Chunnambar provide an ideal setting for boating. 
Visiting hours: 09:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs 

       The museum brings back memories of the glorious past of Pondicherry, from the days of the Greco-Roman era down to the present days, providing glimpses of the art and culture of the people of this region during the pallava, chola and vijayanagar days. Artifacts from the excavations at Arikamedu are preserved here. 
Visiting hours: 10:00 hrs to 13:00 hrs & 14:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs   

      It is beautiful to take up the walk around the boulevard, showcasing three different 
architectures in 3-4 square kms. The White town or the French square, Tamil Square and the Muslim Square. 
Visiting hours: No time limit

     There are about 32 temples in Pondicherry of these: Manakula vinayagar temple, Sri 
vedapureeswarar temple, Kamatchiamman temple and Varadarajaperumal temple are famous. 
Visiting hours: 06:00 hrs to 12:00 hrs & 16:30 hrs to 21:00 hrs

      French missionary zeal in the 17th and 18th centuries saw a number of imposing churches built here. The Sacred Heart Church, situated on the south boulevard, stands out as an oriental specimen of gothic splendor. It contains rare and beautiful stained glass panels depicting saints and events from the life of Christ.