The forests of the Western Ghats are punctuated with larg and small waterfalls that roar, gurgle and splash down the mountain side. Almost all these scintillating cascades are the venues for picnics and excursions round the year. 

Palaruvi: (75 km from Kollam) Pataruvi which means stream of milk makes its way the rocks, from a height of 300 ft. The Palaruvi woods are a beautiful picnic spot.

Athirapally: (63 km from Thrissur) At the entrance to the Sholayar Ranges, this 80 ft high waterfall is a popular picnic spot. 

Vazhachal: (68 km from Thrissur) Athirapally, this picturesque waterfall dense, green forests and is a part of the Chalakudy River. Athirapally and Vazhachal are the most famous waterfalls of Kerala, attracting tourists in plenty. 

Attukad: (9 km from Munnar in Idukki) A land of waterfalls and inviting green hills, Attukad, located between Munnar and Pallivasal, is a feast for the eyes. The place is excellent for long treks.

Thommankuthu: (17 km from Thodupuzha in ldukki) Famous for its seven- step waterfall, Thommankuthu is an ideal place for adventure tourism, Pedal boating, forest trekking, night camping, bathing the waterfall etc. are some of the activities possible here. 

Thusharagiri: (50 km from Kozhikode) Waterfalls and streams abound in this hilly region with excellent trekking tracks, located near Vythiri in Wayanad. 

Meenmutty: (29 km from Kalpetta in Wayanad) An interesting 2 km jungle trek will lead to the largest and most spectacular waterfall in Wayanad. water drops from nearly 1000 ft over three stages, presenting a triple-decker effect. 

Chethalayam: (12 km east of Sulthan Bathery in Wayanad) A lovely place to visit, trekking enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the climb up the rocks to the waterfall. 

Sentinel Rock Waterfall: (22 km away from Kalpetta in Wayanad) Locally known as Soochipara or needle rock, the pool at the foot of the falls is ideal for a quick dip.


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