Blessed as it is by nature and a vibrant people, Kerala also has repertoire of music, dance and a Most of these are unique to the land and reflect the love for life of its people. From the renowned Kathakali, considered to be the complete art form as it synthesizes all that is best in the fields of drama, music and dance to the folk dances which are reflections of the rhythmic impulses of a sensitive people. 

Classical Arts 
The tradition of classical arts has existed in Kerala for more than a thousand years. 
         The sanskrit theatre of kerala, It is believed to have originated two millennia ago. This art form was declared by UNESCO as one among the masterpieces of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.
         The spectacular dance drama of Kerala, Kathakali integrates dance, music, poetry and histrionics. Referred to the first theatre imagination' in the world it combines both lasya (gentle, graceful dance) and thandava (powerful, energetic dance) elements.
           The gracefully elegant classical dance form, Mohiniyattom is the dance of the enchantress and has lasya as the predominant element.

Folk Arts 
           Kerala a vast repertoire of folk performing arts, folk songs and folk drama that showcase man's overpowering rapport with nature and his constant desire for communication with the unknown.
          One of the most outstanding folk arts of Kerala, Theyyam has its origins in the northern parts of the state. The oldest ritual art form, there are about 45 different types of Theyyams including the Agni Theyyam where the dancer walks on fire.
Thira, Mudiyettu, Kaduvakali, velakali, kakkarissinatakam, Chavittunatakam Margarnkali, Kolkali, Parichamuttukali, Bhadrakalipattu, Pulluvanpattu and Thiruvat hirakali are some of the other folk art forms of Kerala.

Martial Arts 
           The comprehensive system of martial arts of Kerala, Kataripayattu is regarded as one of the oldest and most scientific in the world. Even Kung fu is believed to have originated from it.