Thangal para is a famous attraction near vagamon in idukki , kerala. Additionally it is a Muslim sacred site. Thangal The Thangal para is a unique rock formation on top of a rocky hill which has some devotional and spiritual significance among devotees. It is believed that Sheikh Fariduddin, a Sufi saint from Afghanistan had lived and died here 800 years back. There is a huge spherical rock formation on top of the hill which the devotees believe that the saint was using for grinding Pan. And the tomb of the saint lies right in front of the huge rock. Additionally there is a small mosque, where Urus festival is celebrated every year in April.
Thanghal para offers some amazing views as it is surrounded by lush grasslands, thick forests and meadows. There is white-colored painted arrow that shows the path and leads you to the massive rock.

massive rock. and Tomb