Sree Anantha padmanabha swami Temple: 31-km from Bekal at Ananthapura. The deity is Vishnu similar to the famous temple of Sree Ananthapadmanabhaswamy in Thiruvananthapuram. Here the idol is in sitting posture, whereas in Thiruvananthapuram it is in Ananthasayanam posture (laid down on multi-headed snake). There is bond between these two temples. During the childhood of Vishnu he used to play in the precincts of the temple which was resented by a meditating sage. The humiliation-felt child Vishnu created a tunnel from there to Thiruvananthapuram Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple – from one end of the Kerala to the another end – and moved to the precincts of Thiruvananthapuram temple for play. The sage spent his life searching for the child god. The 9th century old Ananthapura shrine is set in a small lake. It is believed this temple is the Moolastanam (original abode) of Vishnu. There is a foot-bridge across the lake to reach the temple. The ceiling of the Namaskara Mandapam (praying stage) is wood carved. There is an interesting story behind the lake. There was a crocodile called Babya in the lake. A soldier, one amongst many stationed near the temple, shot dead it. The soldier died shortly thereafter following snake bite, presumably a vengeance act by serpent Anantha. Another crocodile appeared in the lake from nowhere. It too adopted the name of Babya.

Adoor: Situated 45 kms from Kasargod town this town is famous for its ancient Siva temple fabled to have been found by Arjuna, the mythical Pandava archer. Legend has it that it is in this place that Kiratha Yudham , the battle between Lord Siva and Arjuna took place. The nearby forest is considered to be the abode of Lord Siva and his divine consort.

Chandragiri: It has a large square fort by the sea of a river. The fort was built in 17th century by Shivappa Nayaka of Bedanore and established his authority over the area and built a chain of forts. A mosque is situated nearby. A temple, Kizhur Sastha Temple, too glorifies the area.
Bekal FortThe ramparts of the fort are very dear to movie makers They shoot the films from here. Tipu Sultan used the fort as military base before losing it to East India Company. Locals say there are hidden passages for armies and royal lovers. The tall thick walls once kept invaders at bay. A Magazine is on the grassy knolls of the fort. The steps lead to an Observation Tower and some picturesque peepholes. An ancient Anjaneya Temple , a mosque, a crowd-puller sea bastion and underground passages moor the visitors with curiosity
Bekal Fort Beach: Shells of all sizes decorate the beach. For scroll or leisure the beach is ideal.
Bela Church: Our Lady of Sorrows Church or Bela Church is the oldest church in the district. It was constructed in 1890 and is 15 km north of Kasargod . This Roman Catholic church has been constructed in Gothic style. The church which is under the Mangalore diocese, has celebrated its centenery.
Chervathur: This place is renowned for its illustrious scholars of Kuttamath Kunniyur family. The ruins of a Dutch fort built in the 18th century, at the Veeramala Hills near Cheruvathur, is a tourist attraction.
Edneer Mutt: This renowned centre of art and learning follows the tradition of Sankaracharya also known as Adi Sankara, one of the greatest.
Malik Dinar Mosque : An ardent disciple of Prophet Mohammed, Malik Ibn Dinar who is said to be a slave’s son was the first to propagate Islam in Kerala, it is believed. The mosque was founded by him. He was buried within. The Urs, commemorating the arrival of Ibn Dinar in Kasargod , attract thousands of pilgrims from all over Kerala every year.
Hosdurg Fort: Also known as Kanhangad fort, this enthralling chain of forts was made by Somasekhara Nayak of the Ikkery royal dynasty. A major attraction here is the 'Nithyanandashram', an internationally recognised spiritual centre that leads the visitors to a tranquil atmosphere
Sri Mahalingeswara Temple: This temple dedicated to Lord Siva is at Adoor, 45 km from Kasargod. The transliterated inscription of Sanskrit in Kannada shows that this temple is somehow related to the Western Chalukya King Kirthivarman II of 745-755 AD. The surroundings also are as enchanting as the temple itself. River 'Payaswini'flows near the temple.
Central Plantation Crops & Reasearch Institute(CPCRI): This prestigious institute is situated in Kudlu, 5 km north of Kasargod. Research in genetic potential of plantation crops and production of genetically superior planting materials for spices, coconut, arecanut and cashewnut are the main vocation of CPCRI.
Kottancheri Hills: The Kottancheri Hills is 30 km north-east of Kanhangad. The exotic raiforest is an ideal spot for trekking. Thalakkaveri in the Brahmagiri mountain of Coorg is near this hills. 
Kanwa Thirtha Beach: This beach is 3km north of Manjeshwar. The unique feature of this beach is the natural extension of the waters in a calm pool like formation which is very ideal for swimming. This trait makes it one of the most sought after tourist spot.
Kappil Beach: Located 6 km away from Bekal Fort, this beach is quite isolated and as a result offers calm and charm. The great expanse of the Arabian sea can be enjoyed from the vantage point of the Kodi cliff which is just a stone's throw from the beach.This beach is located little away from Bekal. Some parts of the beach are covered by green creepers. Shallow groves of casaurina trees occupy some portion of the beach. This secluded beach is now-a-days gaining popularity.
Twin Ashrams of Kasargod: The twins are Nityanandashram and Anandashram. The former was founded by Swami Nityananda, while the latter was by Swami Ramdas. Nityanandashram, in hillock side, is a bunch of 45 caves. The great crowd pulling Ashram has a temple modelled like Somanath temple in Gujarat. A life-size statue of Swami Nityananda welcomes the visitors.Anandashram is also equally famous. Housed in sprawling conconut and mango groves, the Ashram signifies a serene atmosphere.
Nileshwasram Palace: 12-km south of Bekal, Nileshwaram boasts of having many age-old palaces. The captain of the palaces is Nileshwaram palace which houses the Folklore Centre of Archaeological Centre. The palaces are of peculiar character, distanced from the character of other familiar palaces in Kerala. Small bodies, robust teak roof beams, spectacular wooden pillars, shining red-stone floorings and naluketts (four-walled structure with courtyard in centre and adjoined to main structure) make them distinct. Many lit up myriad shrines here and here across Nileshwaram present yet another sight of heart-sticking.
Valiaprambu Backwaters: Scores of little islands, narrow beaches, thick groves of coconut and arecanut and four rapidly flowing rivers make the backwaters a lasting experience. The Bekal Resorts Development Corporation operates few house-boats in Tejeswari river from Kottappuram to Kannur. The boats have one and two-bedroom facilites. The rates are cheaper compared to the rates in Kottayam and Alappuzha.
Madhur: Madhur’s, located 8 km northeast of Kasargod town, fame is derived from Sreemad Anatheswara Vinayaka temple here. Three tiered dome, cloistered court and copper sheeted roof make this shrine different from oher shrines. The idols of Shiva and Vinayaka are installed in mukhamandapam and sukasanas. The ceiling of namaskara mandapam (praying hall) is beautifully carved of episodes from Ramayana. Madhuvani, some say Payaswani, River flowing in front of the temple is said to possess spiritual power.
Puliyamkulam Park or Kareem Forest Park: 35-km from Bekal. A 32-acre botany garden with trees, medicinal plants, insects and birds is the outcome of a pioneeing single handed effort by P Abdul Kareem. He spent 25 years to convert a wasteland into a beautiful forest park of high botanical value. The credit for 300 species of flowering plants and scaled up water table in the area solely goes to Karim.
Posadigumpe: This piterusque hillock lies 18 km east of Mangalapady. This much adored picnic spot is 1060 ft. above sea level.
Sreemad Anantheswara Temple: At Manjeswaram. 48-km from Bekal. Bordering Karnataka State. The deity is Anantheswara. The temple was constructed by a Gauda Saraswat Brahmin, Ranga Sharma, hailing from Goa. The temple is set in forested Shankarmala. The roof is copper sheeted and ground wooden walled. A serene beauty all around.
Ranipuram: 54-km from Bekal. Abode of shola forests and wild flowers. A beautiful hill. Stray elephants or herd of elephants noticed. Misty atmosphere. Basket-full of nature-beauty. No quanatum limit to enjoy.
Trikkaripur: This place was the old seat of Thazhekattu Mana famous for T S Thirumumbu, poet freedom fighter. It is also the birth place of Guru Chandu Panikkqar the famous Kathakali artist.
Pandian Kallu: This rock sprouting from the sea is 2 km from Trikkanad temple. It derives its name from popular legend which says that this rock was originally a ship belonging to a Pandiya king. The ship was converted into a rock when the king launched an attack on the Trikkanad temple from the ship. Now, this rock is a favorite destination of many adventurous swimmers.
Manjeshwaram: Manjeshwaram, a small town, is a popular pilgrim centre of all castes and creeds. Scores of temples, eleven mosques, two Jain temples and two churches make Manjeshwaram a growing pilgrim center. The memorial of Govinda Pai, the celebrated Kannad litterateur, is also there in Manjeshwaram.
Anandasram: Anandasram, a spiritual centre, is located 15 km from Bekal. This internationally famed Asram was founded by Swami Ramdas in 1939. Meditation and spiritual studies imparted here.
Anathapuram Lake Temple: Located 30 km from Bekal, Ananthapurm Lake Temple has the privilege of being the only Lake Temple in Kerala. The deity is Vishnu or say Ananthapadmanabha. It is said the original abode of Ananthapadmanabha of Thiruvanthapuram’s Padmanabha temple is here.
Tulurvanam: This green-clad forested area is the abode of famous temple dedicated to Bhagawathi and Kshetrapalan. The 8-day festival in the month of Kumbham (February/March) witnesses large crowd.


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