Theyyam or Theyattam is an ancient and still popular ritual dance of Malabar viz North Kerala. It’s a unique combination of dance, music and also reflects the main features of a tribal culture. The Theyyam performance has an aura of divine splendor as its accompanied by rituals & other devotional hymns. It’s indeed an unprecedented experience to watch this dance symbolising the ultimate power. Theyyam is generally performed in front of the village shrines. Performance of a particular deity according to its significance and hierarchy in the shrine continues for 12 to 24 hours in the intervals. There are a large number of temples in Kannur where Theyyam is performed.The various theyyams performed is Muchilot Bhagavathy, Thondachan, Narambil Bhagavathy, Khanda Karnan Theyyam, Pottan Theyyam, Chamundi, Vasoori Mala, Vishnu Moorthy Theyyam, Urpazhassi Theyyam, Puthiya Bhagavathy Theyyam, Vettakkoru Magan Theyyam etc.
The Theyyam perfromance can be observed from Oct to March at various Kavu (small temples) spread over the district. Watching theyyam in the midnights invoke the inner feelings of our mind.