Kanjirakkolly is located in the Kannur District and is 18 Kms from Payyavoor town/ near Chemperi. The distance from the Kannur railway station is 68 Kms to the water falls area. The main attraction in the Kanjirakkolly is Alakapuri Waterfalls and which contains 3 phases.  First phase is known as Elappara Waterfalls; Second phase is the famous one and is also known as Alakapuri Waterfalls. The third phase contains the biggest water fall in the monsoon season. But in summer more visitors are going for the second phase and are around 500 ft height. The water falls located between the foot hills of Western Ghats, bordering the Coorg area of Karnataka Evergreen Forests. The second stage of the water falls contains seven stages of shelves of rock. On the both sides of the water fall, hard Rocks look like Salamanders of the forest. The surrounding area of the falls filled with "Kurinji" and which blossomed it in every 8 years of the era. In October 2002 and then in November 2010 the plant produced blue flowers and which looks like a blue bed in that large area. The "Kurinji" is a rare wild plant and which give us pleasure. The water here is starting in the area under Karnataka and then it flowing through the Kerala region. We need to walk, around 2 Kms from the road to see this falls through the forest. Kanjirakolly is not developed as a tourist place but many travellers are coming here in every year. The parking of bigger vehicles is difficult here but to park light vehicles we can use the side of road. It is better to travel in a commander/ jeep like SUV’s to the Kanjirakolly because of the present road condition and the road slope. Taxi’s are available from Payyavoor. and also a bus service (kokkadan bus) from chemperi to kanjirakkolly.
How to reach:
  • Kannur- Thalipparamba-Sreekandapuram- Payyavoor- Kanjirakkolly. or
  • Thalassery-Mattannur- Iritty- Ulikkal- payyavoor-Kanjirakkolly.

           The second attraction in the Kanjirakkolly is "Sasi para". Myth 1: Though “sasi” in Malayalam means moon, this rock is named after an unlucky inhabitant who once resided nearby and his name was “Sasi”. He suicide in this rock. Myth 2: Struck down by Lord Indra, it is believed, Lord Sri Hanuman fell down on this rock. Whatever be the truth in this myth may be due to an optical illusion, a part of the rock takes the shape of a monkey- head while viewed down from the distant valley. Unfortunately this curious portion of the rock has been destroyed during the fencing work on the rock by the Forest Department of Kerala. From Sasippara we can see Kanjirakolly Valley, Coorg Range of Reserve Forest in Karnataka, River Udumbe, Elappara and other villages. The view of the hills from Sasippara is exotic. Human beings moving in the adjoining villages down below appear like small ants from the top. The hill has rich winds almost throughout the year and it is like a window opened from a tower situated by the side of Arabian Sea. This is situated at a height of about 4000 ft. from the sea level. Sasipara is 4 Kms from the Water falls. 

camp fire at kanjirakkolly